Ordination as Distraction

Ordination has been a distraction for me. Many years have been filled to the brim of how and when and who will ordain me.  This past year instead of doing what I dreamed of doing–starting a home church–I was consumed with where and how will I get ordained.

Yet, those who seek a church that walks the talk, does ministry with those on the margins, discuss openly fears, doubt, and faith, they don’t care.  The people I know who are frustrated with church as is, don’t care whether their pastor is ordained or not.  They care about relationship, having open and honest conversations, living a life that matters…not ordination.

In a few weeks, we’ll have our first evening of “church” at our house.  The only approval I’m seeking is that of the One who has called me to ministry in the first place.



2 thoughts on “Ordination as Distraction

  1. in some ways ordination is a valuable vetting process which seeks to ensure that power is not granted to those who would most likely misuse it. but, it is also a way for an institution to protect itself against change (which could be change for the betterment) and for that institution to ensure its own perceived authority/relevance. i’ve seen ordinations granted to those who have gone on to fail the ones they were to serve. i have seen a great many ordinations denied to those called to serve who simply would not allow the institution to continue along its comfortable trajectory – comfort that comes at the great cost restricting the body of christ to maintain a status quo.
    outside these institutions (which are constructed and artificial, but possibly beneficial and even necessary) there is no difference in one’s authority, validity or worth – ordained or not. so, the one who has called you to minister in the first place cannot recognize credentials. in this sense, when you are ordained, you are simply ordained. you or the church or a state may choose to accept or deny this truth, but it cannot be changed.
    tell us more about the form of home church, if you please. and deep bows of gratitude to you and your ministry.

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