Opening Doors

A door I thought had been closed appears to be opening again.  Sometimes the door shuts because it’s not the right one for you.  Sometimes the door shuts because it’s not the right time.  How does one know which it is?

A few months back, a position opened up and I was thrilled.  I wanted it.  I applied and then blew the interview.  I checked in afterwards and was given some good feedback and encouraged to apply for other positions as they opened up.

Unfortunately for the person they hired and the organization, the job turned out to be more than the person could handle.  It will be vacant again.

Do I still want it?  Do I apply?

I want it because much of my life has been about helping the population this organization serves.  I’m unsure because I worry if it would be too much for me.  The woman who had the position before me was and is completely capable but it was emotionally too much.  Would it be too much for me?  I worry that the work climate might be a mess. 

I worry that it will take me farther down a road that leads away from the church. When I was graduating from seminary, I chose the church over this field.  It feels like another fork in the road or perhaps it’s circling back.



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