Advent 1

ImageIt has begun.  There were only 5 of us present tonight but it was a start.  I shared my thoughts about church–wanting to live into my Wesleyan heritage by church being a place we gather, share, and then go out to do ministry with those in need.  Not for but with.  I could easily plan everything out but I want this to be a communal church in which we make decisions together. I’m a bit of a traditionalist. I love ritual.But I want words that make sense, that are full of beauty, that are relevant.  I love liturgy.  I love all of us speaking truths together.  I hope those words sit within us and stir us at unexpected times during the coming week.  I am thankful for Thom M. Shuman at  Lectionary Liturgies. I used his poetic words and prayers for our first gathering.  His writing speaks to my spirit and I love sharing his work with others.

Instead of a sermon we practiced Lectio Divina with the lectionary readings from Isaiah and Romans.  Hope, peace, and love.  Salvation is nearer than when we first believed.  The Kingdom of God is with us in the hear and now.  I experienced it tonight.

Then we celebrated communion.  We participated and celebrated with all those who came before us and all those who will come after.  It was the first time I’ve presided over communion since leaving Missouri.  It felt like home.

At first I was disappointed that only 2 people that weren’t family came.  But they want to return.  They want to bring their family when they come.  It’s a start.  Our journey has begun.