A cure…

There are days in which I want something more substantial to do than pray.  Yes, I believe in the power of prayer but when the hearts around me are breaking I want to fix it.  I want to do more than pray.  I want to ease the pain.  I want to make it better.  It doesn’t have to be me to make the fix.  I just want it fixed.

A dear one is hundreds of miles away on the way to the hospital.  She has been battling cancer for a while now.  Her physical pain is immense.  Her husband’s heart hurts at least as much as her body does.  I want them to have a cure, for this pain to be gone.  Perhaps I don’t believe in prayer much more than I beleive in modern medicine.  I don’t believe that either will provide a fix.  Neither have a magic wand with a cure.

I believe that prayers helps us to be strong, to take courage.  I don’t believe it makes a cure. 

I want a cure.  I want a cure for the heartaches of this world.  I want mothers who are ill and in the hospital to get up and leap for joy.  I want girls who see pictures of themselves to see how beautiful they are and not a fat face that makes them cry.  I want the wars fought with guns, bombs, rape, and terror to cease.  I want those who live on the streets to be safe and warm and have a home they love.  I want those who struggle for their daily bread to have what they need, to have food that is healthy, yummy, and filling.  I want the outcasts to be insiders.  I want the kin-dom of God to be present not just for a few but for all.  I want there to be peace, real soul filling peace with joy and freedom for everyone.  I want it now.  I want a cure.  I want the pain to cease.