Jumping in…

I’ve jumped in.  I did a bit of thinking and then did some inviting and now I need to do some solid plannning…or not, things seem to work better for me when not set in stone.

Why does it feel so scary?  All I did was invite some people to my house to celebrate Advent, to talk, to make some meaning, to do a little church at home. 

Worst case scenario?  No one shows–but that wouldn’t be so bad, as I’d at least have a clean house for a day or so.  Worst case scenario #2:  Too many poeple show up and we don’t have enough room or food.  Again, not so bad.  I’d know people are interested in creating meaning and starting a new community.  Worst case scenario #3:  People show up and my house is a disaster.  Ok, totally embarrassing but not a big deal, most of my friends and family know it’s a distinct possiblity.

Best case scenario people show up and we do church our own way.  We talk, we eat, we celebrate the mystery of God and it is good.  We want to do it again and again and again.